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Authors – Podcasting for Small Business

Ray Sidney-Smith

Steve Orr

Ray Sidney-Smith is the President of W3 Consulting, a technology, marketing and productivity training practice dedicated to helping Small Business owners market and manage on the Web, Mobile, Social Media and beyond. In addition, Ray is the Managing Director of W3C Web Services, a subsidiary of W3 Consulting, which provides Managed WordPress website hosting, domain name registration services, SSL certificates and more related Web services.

He is also the author of SoLoMo Success: Social Media, Local and Mobile Marketing Small Business Strategy Explained, and host of Web and BeyondCast, the weekly podcast show where he and guests discuss and guide Small Business on marketing and managing on the Web, Mobile, Social Media, and beyond.

In his spare time, Ray hosts and facilitates the Productivity Book Group podcast, produces ProdPod, the podcast of productivity lessons in two minutes or less, co-hosts ProductivityCast, the weekly show about all things productivity, hosts Getting More Done With Evernote, and co-hosts Anything But Idle, the productivity and technology news podcast. He also runs a digital community for personal productivity enthusiasts, Personal Productivity Club.

Steve Orr is the founder of Steve Orr Media, which helps clients become more effective speakers, as well as create and produce podcasts. In addition to co-writing Podcasting for Small Business, he has written about podcasting for PR News. Steve also has had an award-winning broadcasting career, which included working in network newsrooms in Washington, DC. His business stories for the MarketWatch Radio Network were heard regularly on some of the country’s biggest news stations, including 1010 WINS in New York, WBBM in Chicago, WBZ in Boston, and KCBS in San Francisco.

In his free time, Steve writes screenplays and radio plays (and voices the characters) and has studied comedy improv. He and his wife, Carol, love to travel, exercise, and tease each other.